The Dropship Pilot was a hero and pilot of the Dropship.

He has an attack that takes forever called the dropship.

He used this once when he was cornered by Von Nebula and his gang.

"So little hero, do you even have a weapon?" gloated Von Nebula.

He pressed the button on his control pannel and was soon captured.

The Alpha team and the rookies were battling and loosing but soon enough, the dropship came and was shooting many heavy explosive cannon balls shot them and knocked most of them out leaving the humungous Rotor and Von Nebula alive.

Then, Furno's bike came to knock Rotor out.

Soon enough, the dropship pilot crashed the worlds greatest dropship into Von Nebula, leaving the rest of alpha team to finish him off.

" I did my part," the pilot moaned.

Soon Bulk came over there and toor the bars of the cage apart and got him to safety.